Building a society in which we live more freely and consciously. That is what Thinkaholic strives for. Whatever challenge you are facing, together with you we realize an inclusive solution with an eye for people, environment and society.

Our mission

We all feel that the world around us is changing. The time of limitless consumption is over. Together, we are moving towards a future where conscious living is the norm. In which we need technology that enables us to live more freely and consciously.

Thinkaholic not only keeps up with the changes of our time, but also consciously and effectively contributes to them. We do this by developing technology that is accessible to everyone. Usability is at the heart of all our websites, apps and designs.

You too need a technical solution that is ready for this changing world. Thinkaholic is involved in every step of the process. As a technician, as a sparring partner, but above all as human beings. From the first brainstorm to the final result. From your personal goals to the social importance behind them.

Thinkaholic understands your wishes and challenges and helps you to shape them attentively. We engage in an integral collaboration with you. We do this based on the belief that synergy is the language that connects us. Because the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.


Let's make something beautiful together